Poem of the Week 38

On the Beach

Millions of unexploded bombs lie in waters off US coast, researchers say (Oct. 8, 2012)
Lurking (and leaking) beneath the world’s oceans are an estimated 200 million pounds of unexploded and potentially dangerous explosivesfrom bombs to missiles to mustard gas….at least 31 million pounds of bombs can be found not just in the Gulf, but also off the coasts of at least 16 states…

Citizens for Legitimate Government website (Oct. 14, 2012)

Let’s take a little swim, my dear.
The ocean’s calm and blue.
There’s nothing anywhere to fear.
I’m told the sharks are few.

There’s not a hurricane in sight.
There hasn’t been a spill
of toxins since the other night.
And jellyfish can’t kill.

It’s true no lifeguards are around,
but, really, there’s no need.
Those needles littering the ground?
I’m sure, if we take heed,

We won’t get stuck, or, if we do,
small jabs are not the worst.
Come on! The ocean’s calm and blue.
I’m ready. You go first.

—Bruce Bennett