Poems of the Week

“11 Million New Oysters in New York Harbor (but None for You to Eat)”…

by Bruce Bennett

… “The oysters, which act as nonstop water filters, were added to the Hudson River
as part of an ongoing project to rehabilitate the polluted waterways around the city.”
The New York Times

Oysters are coming back Ta ta
but don’t reach for your fork.
It’s good for us and good for them
and good for Old New York!

Yet, you will have to wait a bit
if you’re a Gent of Taste,
since they’ve absorbed some “centuries’ worth”
of sewage, trash, and waste.

Still, do not fret. We clever chaps
find means to serve our ends.
You need not eat. Just throw a bash
and serve them to your friends.

Then read the headlines in the Times.
They love to print a scoop.
Imagine! Would-Be Swells and Toffs
Join Oysters in the Soup.