Poems of the Week

A Grilled Rabbit

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Lucky rabbit survives 40-mile ride in car grille”
BBC News

A rabbit on a grassy highway plans
Grand feasts—not being severed from its ma,
Released with just a carrot in some man’s
Idea of a wooded Shangri-La
Long after jamming through his grille and hence
Left bloody-nosed within a distant strange
Environment. So when this man sees sense,
Decides the rabbit needs its old home range,
Retrieves a box—like one some poachers use—
And tries recapture, there is no surprise:
Believing it is destined to make stews,
Before the man can pounce, the rabbit flies …
If you got grilled but didn’t cook your goose,
Then you don’t trust the griller—you vamoose!