Poems of the Week

A Looming Cheese Crisis

by Bruce Bennett

“A collapse in microbe diversity puts… French cheeses at risk”

“Say a prayer for Camembert!”
Is it in trouble? Oui!
And as you do, remember blue,
and do not leave out brie.

That world we’d face would be a place
too barren to survive in!
So gird your curds. Direct your words.
“May microbes stay alive in

This Brave New Age. Don’t turn that page.
Don’t make us quit this treasure.
Dieu, show restraint. Please, please, don’t taint
our aptitude for pleasure

With something vile. Let us still smile
as, savoring, we eat a
small tranche of bliss. Dieu, spare us this:
a mouthful of Velveeta!”