Poems of the Week

A Senior’s Moment

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

A grandma, Jean, was right to be a mite
Suspicious when her grandson called from jail,
Explaining he had driven drunk. His plight
Now needed her to find eight grand for bail …
It’s just too bad her grandsons are so young,
One knows they’re still in driving quite unversed—
Rogue scammers who want grandmas to get stung
Should do their homework on their victims first! …
Ms. Jean informed the crook she wasn’t short
Of cash, to lure him, but supplied in lieu
Mere paper towels, and two police, to thwart
Escape … The moral’s clear: Don’t misconstrue
Near-sounding words, or they may foil your plot—
Though Jean is senior, senile she is not!