Poems of the Week

A Tissue Issue

by Alex Steelsmith

“Researchers [plan to] create ‘organoid intelligence,’ or OI… [using] samples of human tissue to grow
small collections of brain cells that they could use in place of standard silicon computer chips… [OI]
brings up plenty of thorny ethical considerations. Is it okay to use people’s cells to make computers?
Could a computer made of human cells develop a consciousness?… [I]s it okay to keep that
consciousness locked into the role of a computer?”

Popular Mechanics

serious ethicists,
hearing the news with a
sense of dismay,

don’t even bother with
arguments; all they can
say is, “OI vey.”

organoid researchers
might give you angst, though you’ll
probably find

critical comments work
best not to give them a
piece of your mind.