Poems of the Week

Above Rubens

by Julia Griffin

—Barefaced cheek: Rubens nudes fall foul of Facebook censors — The Guardian

Farewell, ye nudes of Rubens, all unbodiced,
Each dimple and each pimple, rosy-ripe;
Now Facebook bans all hints of the immodest;
The arts require a purer prototype.
No longer shall we peep in shy rubescence:
Such grossness on the screen is now pre-shunned;
We’re giving up exuberant nubescence,
Eschewing the cherubic rubicund.
Yet cynics claim we’re mere naïfs and newbies;
It’s no square deal, they sneer, but cubic con;
We’re choosing prudish rubrics over rubies,
And heading for a pubic Rubicon.
The Facebook cops (say these) are worse than rubes:
They’re manifested as tremendous boobs.