Poems of the Week

An Unexpected Festa

by Julia Griffin

“‘What is this if not magic?’ The Italian man living as a hobbit
After building his own version of Middle-earth, Nicolas Gentile
has thrown a ‘ring’ into Mount Vesuvius”
The Guardian

Scrub the glasses and mind the plates!
Hone the knives and shine the forks!
Signor Baggins re-relocates—
Fill the bottles and pop the corks!

Stuff the cakes with sugar and fat!
Jiggle barefoot along the floor!
Wave some flags and a bathroom mat!
Rub the knocker and paint the door!

Press your handkerchief, don’t be shy,
Bear your ring to the crater’s rim—
Don’t discard it, though—raise it high!
Here’s Gentile! Let’s welcome him!

What though dragons declare him “screwy”?
Hobbity happiness, Bilbo Due!