Poems of the Week


by Eddie Aderne

“Americans’ belief in angels (69%) is about on par with belief in heaven and the power
of prayer, but bested by belief in God or a higher power (79%). Fewer U.S. adults believe
in the devil or Satan (56%), astrology (34%), reincarnation (34%), and that physical things
can have spiritual energies, such as plants, rivers or crystals (42%).”

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are nowhere near content
On finding that they’re doubted now by 21%,
While Gabriel and Raphael and Michael all condemn
The fact that 31% now lack belief in them.
Stars, rivers, plants, and crystals find the figures less than nifty:
Percentage-wise their backers have decreased to under 50,
But Satan, scorned by 44%, is not concerned.
“A hundred years from now,” he purrs, “I think they’ll all have learned.”