Poems of the Week

Back on the Menu!

by Claudia Gary

“‘Crunchy, earthy, grassy’ cicada tacos back on menu in Leesburg restaurant”

No need to wail and sigh
for our cicada taco.
We’ve sourced bugs from Dubai,

where they solidify.
Our health department’s wacko,
but don’t you wail and sigh

for warm cicada fry—
so tender, pre-imago!
We found it in Dubai,

knew it was worth a try
for meals, desserts, a snack—oh,
no need to wail and sigh!

Cicadas amplify
our summer treats, muchacho.
But here, as in Dubai,

you can still DIY:
in trees, there is no lack o’
their yammer, wail, and sigh.
(Louder than from Dubai.)