Poems of the Week

Bitcoin Buckaroos

by Michael Calvert

“Wyoming’s economy is powered by some of the oldest industries in human history, including
mining, agriculture and tourism. But in recent years the state has emerged as an unlikely
champion of far newer inventions: cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that powers them.”

Some folks might find it strange, out here on the open range,
Where the dogies frolic in the summer breeze,
That we did some legislatin’ for the purpose of creatin’
A climate good for cryptocurrencies.

Now, we’d all like to stay true to the wild, wild west we knew,
But we know Wyoming ain’t the same old place.
We’re plumb low on oil and coal, so it had to be our goal
To diversify our economic base.

So, young feller, if you hanker to become a Bitcoin banker
The Cowboy State is where you oughta be.
We know the time has come (we’re just cowboys, we ain’t dumb)
To lasso the financial industry.

Warren Buffet says we’re mad and that crypto’s just a fad—
It’s seein’ money where the money ain’t.
If it turns out that we’re wrong, we’ll just sing a cowboy song,
Sell short, turn west, and ride off on Old Paint.