Poems of the Week

Bleeping Bras

by Barbara Loots

“Jackson jail’s screening policy on
underwire bras causes an uproar.”
—Kansas City Star

Her underwires have caused a blip:
the lady lawyer has to strip.

What contraband might be holed up
suspiciously in that D-cup?

A shiv, a razor blade, a gun,
a six-pack, a forbidden phone?

A bra with such a sturdy frame
could hold a kilo of cocaine.

Attorneys wearing certain bras
are not exempted from the laws

preventing key and belt and shoe
and kitchen sink from passing through.

Never mind your background clearance.
There’s no telling from appearance,

say officials, what’s in there
besides your lacy underwear.

The hapless client’s legal aid,
and justice, too, must be waylaid.