Poems of the Week

Bombs Away

by David Hedges

Google “idiot” and guess whose face
Pops up, in Images, at Number One?
Little Donnie’s! Same with Second Place
As well as Third and Fourth and Fifth. What fun!

Google’s algorithm is to blame.
It does a lot of nifty little things
But can be twisted in a kind of game
Where rings of shifty people pull the strings.

Reddit’s right-wing forum tags nonstop;
On Reddit, smears and lies “are fine to post.”
Bill Clinton, tagged with “rapist,” hit the top
Of Google’s list. “Free speech,” their people boast.

But Little Donnie couldn’t wait to vent,
So even though it’s Reddit’s fault, for Pete’s
Sake, he takes aim at Google with intent
To bomb them to oblivion with tweets.