Poems of the Week

Bon Jour to Jenn and Cooke and Frank and Olympia

by Daniel Galef

The Daily Mail reports that Jennifer Lawrence is seen reading Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems with her boyfriend; in fact, it turns out to be a $1500 purse in the shape of a book.

How funny you are today Daily Mail
not like Chris Pratt in Passengers
but maybe like Chris Pratt in something else,
before he got buff

where’s Jennifer Lawrence
she’s out reading

American Hustle
meet American Pastoral
hunger games at the hungry i
not that we like poetry (we just need it)

and the little handbag is on the bookshelf
next to the snowglobes
and the succulent plants
and the Oscars

oh god it’s wonderful
to carry a book around
and look smart doing it
but it’s better than a book
because can a book hold your change
i didn’t think so