Poems of the Week

Bot Out

by Ian Graham

Self-driving bus involved in accident on its first day—CNN

A robot that once said it would “destroy humans” just became the first robot citizen—Business Insider

“I’ll destroy humans,” Sophia once said,
Right off the shiny bright top of her head
But over all this we’ll at last draw a veil
Which she’ll have to wear when outside without fail
As she’s now a subject so new and so proud
Of the Kingdom that’s ruled by the stern House of Saud,
The first to grant citizenship to a bot,
And a female one too. But some breaking news: what
Is this that I hear from the sands of Nevada?
The self-driving shuttle bus robot armada
In venturesome Vegas is one shuttle short
Because on its very first day it was caught
In a bit of a crash, but it wasn’t its fault.
A truck driver (human, of course) failed to halt.
Yes, all humans stray
And these days, I fear,
We get in the way.
So call in Sophia.