Poems of the Week

Campaign Doctors

by Chris O’Carroll

“Anybody who joins one of our coalitions is vetted. And so quite obviously,
all of our coalitions espouse policies and say things that are, of course,
exactly simpatico with what the president believes. …
Our job at the campaign is to reflect President Trump’s point of view.”

—Tim Murtaugh, reelection campaign communications director, on recruiting pro-Trump physicians
for TV appearances to advocate speedy reopening

Many docs want to keep you alive
(We would guesstimate four out of five),
But we’ll dig up a few
Who are willing to spew
Fearless Leader’s election-year jive.

They’ll say, Open the country today!
Don’t let socialists lead us astray!
Then they’ll piously sigh
That the thousands who’ll die
Are a price our great nation should pay.

Since they see things this president’s way,
They will say what he tells them to say,
And they might even teach
Us to shoot up with bleach
Til this magically all goes away.