Poems of the Week

Carpe Proditor!

by Marshall Begel

“Agency workers turn [invasive] carp into double agents by capturing them, implanting transmitters
and tossing them back. … Carp often clump in schools in the spring and fall. Armed with the traitor
carp’s location… anglers can head to that spot, drop their nets and remove multiple [invasive] fish
from the ecosystem.”
Associated Press

I’ve gathered together the carp of our shoal
Because I suspect we are hiding a mole!

I don’t think that I’m overstating the threat—
There’s too many times we’ve encountered the net.

Now, Hook-Lip, I’m confident you’re not the spy.
I’ve swum next to you since before we were fry!

The Silver-Fin Brothers may have their own school,
But that doesn’t make them a fisherman’s tool.

Antenna-Head, here, has been scouting around,
But says there aren’t obvious clues to be found.

So keep alert—it’d be a shame if we built a
Community just to be ground to gefilte!