Poems of the Week

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by Julia Griffin

For Tam

“A life-sized bust of the King has been made from more than 17 litres (3.7 gallons) of melted chocolate
ahead of his coronation. … Miniature bars of Snickers, Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Galaxy and Bounty were among
those used to decorate the model. … The bust is set to go on display at the firm’s headquarters in Slough.”
BBC News

In fond anticipation of the Day,
The nation’s rapt, declaring Chocs Away!
Let’s hear it for this Slough of sweet Delight,
Inspiring patriotic appetite!
This is no time for sneery Snickering:
No longer on the shelf, HM the King
Shows, through this tastefullest of avatars,
An air of Bounty, and an eye like Mars.