Poems of the Week

Chill, Baby, Chill

by Julia Griffin

Baby It’s Cold Outside rewritten by John Legend to remove ‘date-rape’ lyric …
Legend, along with lyricist Natasha Rothwell, has rewritten the song for a duet with Kelly Clarkson. An interview with Legend in Vanity Fair reveals that the new lyrics include: ‘What will my friends think…’ ‘I think they should rejoice.’ ‘…if I have one more drink?’ ‘It’s your body, and your choice.'”
—The Guardian

I really can say no. (Baby, you’re free to go.)
Not that that’s all I say— (Baby, no need to stay.)
Tempest is howling through; (Baby, it’s up to you.)
Also there’s freezing rain. (Baby, I won’t mansplain.)
Car could be quickly wrecked; (Treatin’ you with respect.)
Plus I’ve mislaid the key. (You’ve got autonomy.)
Couldn’t you smooth your voice? (Your body and your choice.)
Kind of enjoyed your drawl. (No pressure here at all.)
Say, what is in this drink? (Water. It’s from the sink.)
Didn’t I smell Merlot? (I get that No means No.)
Maybe I ought to scoot. (Baby, I won’t dispute.)
Guess I should really shift. (Baby, I’ll call a Lyft.)
Guess I should face the storm. (Baby, those boots look warm.)
Guess you’ve been sanctified! (Won’t try to override.)
Could you not sound so snide? (Look, the door’s open wide.)
Baby, it’s cold inside!