Poems of the Week

Chinese Checkout

by Ruth S. Baker

“China’s latest internet trend, the xuanfu tiaozhan, or “flaunt your wealth challenge.”
Also known as the “falling stars” challenge, the trend involves participants posting photos of themselves face down with their possessions scattered around them, after apparently having fallen down a flight of stairs or out of a sports car.”—The Guardian

So this is me, face down in Paris, France,
With Rolex watch and Donna Karan pants:
They’re Ray-Bans by my head,
And round them, nicely spread,
Address cards from top names in high finance.

The Lamborghini out of which I fell
Is also in the picture, LOL:
At 3.4K views,
I’m a star in Jimmy Choos,
With a compound-fractured pelvis by Chanel.