Poems of the Week

Classic Con Game

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“[Chancellor of the Exchequer] Rishi Sunak uses windfall to boost Whitehall spending
as UK recovers from pandemic”

The Independent

“Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, branded Sunak’s plans a ‘a classic con game'”
—The Independent’s ‘Inside Politics‘ newsletter

Come listen to the news from my red box:
Low-income earners, you will soon regain
A third of what last month’s reduction docks
Since, as your Chancellor, I feel your pain—
So what if my wife’s richer than the Queen?
If you’re a climate activist … well, I
Cut taxes on domestic flights. That’s green—
COP26 is cheaper now to fly
Off to! … Prosecco drinkers, you will see
New tax relief—though if you’re jobless, you
Get no more cash. But optimism’s free,
And you’ll get lots from me, from Boris too …
My boss distracts, your pocket’s what I pick—
Exchequers play your classic con-game trick!