Poems of the Week

Clean Living

by Jesse Anna Bornemann

“The decluttering philosophy that can help you keep your home organized”

I’m swimming in a sea of stuff!
I’m through with clutter! Done! Enough!
What path to a clean house is wise?
What should I do to organize?
This article tucked in my files
Says I should analyze my piles.
My worn-out fanny pack is proof
I miss adventures of my youth!
I see I am no match for Freud…
But, ah! This tip can be deployed:
Start small. Now, that’s a cinch to do!
I’ll toss a rubber band or two.
…that hardly seemed to make a dent.
I’m not sure it was time well-spent.
Let’s skip ahead. Hmm, it says here:
Each time that you make progress, cheer.
Great advice! Forget the rest!
This article is just the best!
I’ll make ten copies! Twenty! More!
I’m stashing one in every drawer!