Poems of the Week


by Catherine Chandler

Here are five clerihews
Based on the news
Of this past week
Which was dark and depressing and scary and bleak:

Trump tweeted: “Sleepy Joe” Biden
Is in a basement room hidin’!
But guess who rushed like hell to hunker
Down in the White House bunker?

Trump put up an 8-foot fence
When the protests got intense.
I call this the politics
Of shitting bricks.

Melania is the paragon of style.
But when Donald commanded her to smile
At the Shrine to Pope John Paul
Her grin went AWOL.

Justin Trudeau . . .
Twenty-one seconds too slow
Reluctant to dump
On Donald J. Trump.

Ivanka’s Bible-toting Max Mara purse
Is the subject of scorn and nonsense verse.
But her daddy’s faux-righteous pose
Speaks louder than volumes of prose.