Poems of the Week

Clothes Make the Player

by Bob McKenty

Home whites/road grays in days of yore
Were what all Major Leaguers wore,
But nowadays it’s camo gear
And retro styles from yesteryear,
Breast-cancer pinks and prostate blues
(Of course including matching shoes),
Pinstripes, perhaps, black tops besides,
And 42s for April’s ides.
Star-studded caps will be their way
Of marking Independence Day,
Late August they now take their whacks
With jaunty nicknames on their backs.
And next they must accessorize:
Designer shades to shield their eyes;
Those velcroed gloves that batters use;
Compression sleeves in gaudy hues;
And body armor to abate
The dangers lurking at home plate.
Our fabled boys of summer who
Once graced SI now crave GQ.