Poems of the Week

Come Live in My Safe Metaverse

by Orel Protopopescu

(with apologies to Marlowe)

“Pixelated parcels of land are being bought, sold and built upon in a market now worth $1.4 billion,
making the metaverse a new frontier for real estate builders and investors.”
The New York Times

Come live in my safe metaverse
where all desires—repressed, or worse—
can be indulged, voluptuously,
in virtual reality.

We’ll share our pixilated food.
We’ll raise a gorgeous metabrood
of perfect children, drawn to scale,
who never disappoint or wail.

Come live in tax-free paradise,
where I have paid a hefty price
in cryptocurrency, for space
adjoining Snoop Dogg’s blinged-out place.

Our avatars will meet and greet.
Their dogs will mingle on the street!
Come live with me, my cybermate,
in my elite, unreal estate.