Poems of the Week

Congressional Games

by Gail White

“House Republicans coalesce behind plan to avert shutdown” —Politico.com

Same old shenanigan—
playing kick-the-can again—
Hallelujah, give the leaders praise!
If we just delay to tax
health devices, Cadillacs,
we can function for another twenty days.

And as for DACA, say,
we should march those kids away,
only seven hundred thousand, more or less.
We will raise a mighty shout
as we ship the Dreamers out,
and that settles up the immigration mess.

Do we need a border wall?
No, frankly, not at all,
and the Democrats oppose it to a man.
Leave security aside,
give them CHIP to soothe their pride;
let’s play another game of kick-the can.