Poems of the Week

Cormac and Damian

by Ruth S. Baker

“In the search for Covid protection, Cormac the ‘extremely charismatic’ llama may hold a key
The llama has provided nanobodies that effectively prevent infection…”
The Guardian

“In a high security laboratory in Sydney …, virologist Stuart Turville found …
‘A beautiful, immunological unicorn …
[with] the most amazing Covid response I’ve ever seen.’

The unicorn is a 50-year-old father of three named Damian…”
The Guardian

Immunological Unicorn
And Charismatic Llama:
Sweet blessings for a world forlorn!
Their nanobodies have been shorn
With no to-do or drama,
For bipeds lacking hoof or horn.
“What luck for them that we were born!”
Sighs Damian, Immunicorn,
To Cormac, Llama-Charma.