Poems of the Week

“Could Oreo Cookies Solve New York’s Rat Problem?”…

by Bruce Bennett

… “[Oreos] are being used in new high-tech rat traps, which have been spotted around the city.”
The New York Times

Oreos have met the test:
Peanut butter is the best.
Rats get hooked on easy bait,
then are tricked and meet their fate.

PETA, though, is not a fan.
It objects, and if it can,
it will protest and subvert.
Rats, like people, shouldn’t be hurt.

They’re just trying to get by.
That shouldn’t mean they have to die.
Clean the garbage up instead.
No New Yorker should be dead.

Spend the money and the time.
Being hungry’s not a crime.
No one should condemn their foes
just for craving Oreos!