Poems of the Week

Crêpe Sue-zette

by Ruth S. Baker

“A deliveryman in New York has been accused of stealing $90,000 worth of cake. David Lliviganay, an employee of Lady M Confections, is said to have smuggled 1,020 of their cakes out of their Long Island City warehouse … [There] was apparently a robust secondary black market for crêpes with little rabbits on them … according to a lawsuit filed by the company.”
—The Guardian

This week the reporters unite to condemn
An ex-employee of the firm Lady M,
Who pinched from it pastries in plenty—by plenty,
I mean, more precisely, 1,020.
A video camera saw him abscond
With mousses, millefeuilles, and crêpes à la ronde,
To name just a few of these wonderful cakes,
Now stamped with a bunny, to guard against fakes.
Who wouldn’t be tempted? These edibles reach
At market a total of 90 bucks each:
For such is their lusciousness, lightness, and lift,
They drive from the mind every notion of thrift.
If offered a Lady M crème, you should nab it:
They’re worth every penny, if just for the rabbit.