Poems of the Week

Curtus Interruptus

by Thomas DeFreitas

“On Tuesday, former pitcher Curt Schilling narrowly missed out on being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, a snub he suggested was about the voters—the Baseball Writers Association of America—being opposed to his personal conservative politics and past controversial statements.”

In the latest Hall of Fame vote,
Schill’s just shy of getting in:
I’ll salute this trumpish hurler
With my smallest violin.

Big fan of the Toxic Tribble,
Cool with 1/6 mutiny,
Curt and his ideas have fallen
Under hostile scrutiny.

Number 38’s complaining:
“Lefty writers! It’s a fix!
They can’t take my patriotic
Brand of hardball politics!”

Truth is, Curtis, as you righties
Have observed for many years:
Values matter. Your exclusion
Won’t bring me (for one) to tears.