Poems of the Week

Deliver Me My Dad!

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“A DELIVERY driver dad has been left heartbroken after reading the letter his young son wrote to Santa Claus this Christmas.”
The Irish Post

Dear Santa, I don’t often see my dad:
Express-van driving means that he gets free
Long after I’m in bed. It makes me sad—
I wish my dad could spend more time with me! …
Vans don’t seem to deliver parcels right,
Especially when they’re compared to sleighs:
Round all the world you go in just one night—
My dad can’t do one town in seven days! …
Each day, while he’s away, I wonder why
My dad’s employer can’t produce a fix—
Your ways are so efficient, could you try,
Dear Santa, to teach UPS some tricks?
And if you help—I truly am sincere—
Dear Santa, I’ll be good throughout the year!