Poems of the Week


by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Russian is fined £400 for DREAMING about Zelensky: Man is found to have ‘discredited’ the army
after describing how he saw Ukrainian leader capture Putin’s troops”

Daily Mail

Discreditation aimed at Putin’s troops
Is apt to dent the tyrant’s self-esteem.
So blogger Ivan Losev made an oops
Confessing, over Instagram, his dream
Revealed a vision of Vlad’s foe: red-hot
Ex-comic Prez Zelensky led armed men
Detaining Russians to be bound and shot,
Including Ivan—till the moment when
The Prez said he liked Ivan’s posts online
And, granting him a selfie, turned him loose
To blog some more. … Though Ivan got a fine,
It won’t deter his efforts to traduce
Old Vladimir, and help Ukraine prevail—
Not even if he’s put in Putin’s jail!