Poems of the Week

Disloyal Flush

by Catherine Chandler

“Trump’s White House Toilets Were ‘Periodically’ Clogged With Torn-Up Papers, New Book Says:
White House staffers thought Donald Trump himself was to blame, according to [the author]”

There once was a loser named Trump,
Oh so petulant, peevish and plump;
Who would clog up his loo
With a buttload of poo
And a classified document dump.

Now the National Archives is pissed;
For the files that no longer exist
Have been flushed down the john
By the con called The Don
Who thought they would never be missed.

Though those records cannot reappear,
If comeuppance comes later this year,
On a bowl with no seat
In a cell on D Street,
45 will be parking his rear.