Poems of the Week

Drain Repairman

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

“Dominic Cummings says it is his ‘duty to get rid’ of Boris Johnson:
Former No 10 chief adviser describes effort to remove PM from office
as ‘sort of like fixing the drains’”
The Guardian

Dom Cummings here. I used to be your brains
Regarding everything. Now I pursue
A duty that’s a lot like fixing drains—
It’s dirty work that someone has to do.
News leakers, you, Sue Gray and I all know
Redactions—hiding snakiness—aren’t quite
Enough to save your skin. To whistle-blow,
PM, is dutiful, when spite makes right! …
Absorbed in thoughts of monuments to you,
Imagining you’re Emperor of Rome
Revived, you ditched the brains you needed to
Move Downing Street beyond a halfwit’s home …
A drain repairman’s master of the snake—
Now I must flush you out, for duty’s sake!