Poems of the Week

Epistle to the Mammonians

by Philip Kitcher

“Taking Aim at Trump, Koch Network Will Back G.O.P. Primary Candidates”
The New York Times

Dear Plutocrats,
We’re going broke.
The GOP’s becoming lax,
obsessed with being anti-woke.
It’s time for us to wield the axe,
fell Donald with a single stroke.
We need to target friendly PACs,
who’ll help support productive folk,
adept at using legal cracks,
liberty-lovers who’ll revoke
the evil urge to TAX and TAX.

Let’s throw off socialism’s yoke,
let’s multiply the chimney stacks,
forbid the foolish fear of smoke,
find leaders who will mind our backs,
stand for the Right, and never choke,
repel the Lefties’ vile attacks,
and spread the gospel Milton spoke:
Let freedom ring!
Charlie Koch