Poems of the Week

Events, My Dear … Events!

by  James Higgins

Asked what would most likely send a government off the rails, one-time UK PM Harold McMillan is reported to have answered, “Events, my dear boy, events.”

Take note: what’s Potus fear the most?
Misdeeds by dissidents?
Nope! Let’s be clear: his greatest fear?
Events, my dear … events.
Need Trump beware the Koch-choked air
his laissez faire augments?
You heard it here: What checks his cheer?
Events, my dear … events.

Apologize does Trump for lies,
for fake news he invents?
Nope! What’s he do when day is through?
He vents! Mon Dieu: he vents:
“So sad” (Trump tweets) “how Congress meets,
advises and consents.”
Still, worse than they? His tweets might say:
“Events, okay? Events.”

What spawns Trump’s bane? More children slain
by ISIS malcontents?
Though feared, by fa-a-ar more fearful are
events, Akbar … events.
What scares the pants off Potus? Rants
by former presidents?
Nope! Worse than those, he duly knows:
events, my bros … events.

What fans Trump’s fright ’round three at night?
The ninety-nine percents?
That mob he’ll bear. His bigly scare?
Events, mes frères … events.
So: what might you do to undo
the troubles Trump foments?
This message send when you attend
events, my friend, events:

Till Donald pivots or relents,
till lui-même he reinvents;
till less psychosis he presents,
till allies’ ties he re-cements;
until he vaults the White House fence
and deeds the place to VeePee Pence;
until, in short, Trump shows some sense,
support all anti-Trump events!