Poems of the Week


by Julia Griffin

Executives at [AmerisourceBergen] one of the US’s largest drug distributors, circulated rhymes
and emails mocking ‘hillbillies’ who became addicted to opioid painkillers . […]
Zimmerman [a senior executive] told the trial he regretted circulating the mocking rhyme but it
was ‘a reflection of the environment at the time.’ He said the emails were simply a means of
expressing frustration as the company worked to prevent opioids falling into the wrong hands.
Zimmerman said the company culture was of the ‘highest caliber.’”
Taipei Times

All Appalachians (strange that “hills”
Should rhyme with “pills” and also “bills”!)
Are viewed with great esteem of course
By us here at Amerisource.

Not one director understands
How tablets reach improper hands,
But this environment at times
Evoked some much-regretted rhymes.

Still, we assure the rest who sell
To our respected clientele
The dopioids that they desire,
No culture’s caliber is higher.