Poems of the Week

Flat Out

by Julia Griffin

“Joshua Trump, 11, wakes up a celebrity after dozing off during presidential address.” 
The Guardian

“So the LORD was with Joshua; and his fame was noised throughout all the country.”
—Joshua 6:27

And lo! This day it came to pass
That Joshua was found,
And borne to Jericho (first class)
To hear the Trumpet sound.

Then seven senators arose
And led him to his place,
That all of Israel’s friends and foes
Might mark him face to face.

Now Joshua was wearied sore;
His vigil long he kept,
But when at last he could no more,
It came to pass he slept.

And as he slept the Trumpet blew,
A noise of high renown;
And verily, betwixt the two,
They brought the whole House down.