Poems of the Week

For Want of a Screw

by Jan Schreiber

“A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones
Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’”
—New York Times

Jill wants a job,
Jack wants one too,
But Apple wants
A little screw.

Here where the flag’s
Red, white and blue,
No factories make
A little screw.

But search in China:
In Zhengzhou
They’ll fabricate
A little screw.

Want full employment?
Here’s a clue:
Know how to make
A little screw.

More than a billion
(Going on two)
Chinese can thank
A little screw

For jobs that here
Aren’t coming through
For want of just
A little screw.

Jack and Jill wait
Till they turn blue.
Life’s bleak without
A little screw.