Poems of the Week

For Your Eyes Only

by David Hedges

Dear Don,
You’ve gone and done some crazy things,
You and your crew of ding-a-lings.
My oligarchs begin to squawk.
Let’s sit down, face to face, and talk.

Dear Vlad,
I’m glad I’m going to get a chance
To dine and dance, and sing, and prance,
With all those sweetie pies I knew
The last time I sat down with you.

Dear Don,
Come on, I’m serious this time.
If Mueller pins you with a crime
And those who own you wind up squeezed,
They’re apt to be a bit displeased.

Dear Vlad,
My Dad, when he was in a fix,
Would hook up with a bunch of chicks,
And everybody would undress.
What better way to deal with stress?

Dear Don,
Your swan song, at the end, will be
An unrepentant guilty plea.
To be successful as a crook,
You can’t keep acting like a schnook.

Dear Vlad,
So sad. I thought that we were pals.
But will you still provide the gals?
My all-time favorite is the spanker.
I never found the words to thank her.