Poems of the Week


by Julia Griffin

“’We won world wars out of forts,” [ex-President Trump] said at an event
in Rochester, New Hampshire. “Fort Benning, Fort This, Fort That, many forts.
They changed the name, we won wars out of these forts, they changed the name,
they changed the name of the forts. A lot of people aren’t too happy about that.’”

We won our World Wars out of forts, many forts:
Fort Michie, Fort Ritchie, and forts of all sorts;
Forts Benning and Snelling, where heroes were at;
But best of them all were Fort This and Fort That.

Our enemies, lots of bad enemies, say
It scared them to hear of Fort Jay and Fort Ray;
Fort Petrie would petrify enemies’ ears;
But those two Fort Pronouns brought Hitler to tears.

And now we’re renaming them, changing the name.
Whatever they’re called, it will not be the same,
And folks aren’t too happy, they’re going to miss
The world-warring sounds of Fort That and Fort This.