Poems of the Week

Fossil Power

by Julia Griffin

“Companies that divest from fossil fuel could face a state boycott in Texas”

(with apologies to The Beatles)

Ah, look at all the phony people!
Ah, look at all the phony people!

Governor Abbott,
Wouldn’t know ozone depletion from holes in his head—
Here’s what he said:
“Boycott divesters!
Earth’s getting sultrier? a) it’s a fiction, and b)
Run your AC!”

All the phony people,
Where do they all come from?
Dumb and mean and greedy,
And lethal as a bomb.

Fossils in Texas,
Spewing out unctuous garbage that poisons the air:
What could they care?
Solar’s for losers,
Let the New Yorkers disfigure their roofs with tin foil:
Texas likes oil!

All the phony people,
So brash and loud and wrong;
Voters, learn (be speedy!)
Just where they all belong.