Poems of the Week

Getting the Message

by Julia Griffin

“A New York man was arrested and charged with hate crimes Friday night after anti-Semitic messages were found in a temple, police said.”—CNN

The synagogue is all agog:
Who will it be this week?
There’s quite a crowded catalog,
Enough for every clique.

Is it the White Supremacist
With KKK tattoos?
Blame Trump and Fox, the Dems insist,
Who spread such racist views!

Is it the young black Brooklynite,
High hope of academe?
He worked, to Hannity’s delight,
Upon Obama’s team!

Is it the Muslim raised in Fez,
Karachi, or LA?
The left wing’s fault! the right wing says;
Guess what the leftists say?

For craziness about the Jews
Runs deep on either hand:
Which may be all we have to fuse
This twice-self-righteous land.