Poems of the Week


by Nora Jay

“Texas homeowner says ‘hooker’ ghosts have taken over rental property: ‘They’re trying to stir up business’
Linda Hill said there are four different types of ghosts in the home … ‘We’ve got kids, and we’ve got old people,
old guys, and we’ve got hookers,’ she told host Jesse Watters.”
Fox News

What sort of spook do you prefer?
We’ve some for him and some for her:
We’ve kids (diversified in size),
Old people (different from old guys)
And best of all, for early bookers,
We have our special: spectral hookers.
It’s quite the choicest sort of hex:
The gift of insubstantial sex;
No playmate ever was so fresh
As one uncircumscribed by flesh,
And connoisseurs confirm as one:
With pretty ghouls you have more fun.