Poems of the Week

Goya Beans

by Julia Griffin

“The White House has defended Ivanka Trump tweeting a photo of herself
holding up a can of Goya beans”

The Guardian

The best are Bacon Beans, I think,
With Sisleys, and a cup
Of Dufy, coarsely ground (a drink
That always wakes me up);
Blake Beans I find enticing still
(A Buffet-worthy snack):
I really like them Bruegheled till
They’re little short of Braque.
I’m keen on Buthe Beans, with kraut,
And Pintos—I have jars:
No Canaletto keeps me out,
Nor Tintoretto bars;
What else? The sweet Kandinsky Bean
Is tasty after lunch;
But bitter Goyas!—well, I mean,
I’d not choose them to Munch.