Poems of the Week

Great Again

by Dan Campion

America is great again
And all that is, is right.
We’re vindicated, fellow men,
To whitewash rule by might.

A liar’s not a liar now.
All titans tell the truth.
“Resistance” means a bloody row,
But bragging’s not uncouth.

Your taste gets no respect? Don’t fret.
They’re lowlifes, the “elite.”
No genius had a big thought yet
That won’t fit in a tweet.

We’ve heard about a Gilded Age.
The name’s an inspiration.
Let left-behinds and losers rage
As we re-gild the nation.

It’s good to breathe in soot and smoke.
The world’s warmed up: so what?
Environmental law’s a joke.
The meek can kiss our butt.

What’s truly great is, recompense
From people you despise
Through profits made at their expense
Before their very eyes—

And flipping off the Press, the Courts,
The FBI. Home free!
More caviar, served by the quart!
But not to you. Just me.