Poems of the Week

Happy Women’s History Month

by Julia Griffin

“Happy Women’s History Month!”
—Email received from Liveyourdream.org

This is a month for feeling blithe and sistery—
A little envious, perhaps, but joyful too:
This month we honor Happy Women’s History;
At last those Happy Women get their due

Now’s not the time for Sylvia or Assia,
Virginia, or Marie Antoinette;
The mood this March is cheerier and sassier,
But also calmer. Not the suffragette,

Like Mrs. Pankhurst, chained against a railing,
Or Joan of Arc, or Mary Queen of Scots;
Let’s praise those gals whose lives were plainer sailing,
On crystal seas, in well-appointed yachts.

Glad Women, thanks! Imagining the fun of you
Brightens my days with something like good cheer;
And if I knew the name of even one of you,
Or anything you did, I’d blaze it here.