Poems of the Week

Heavens to Betsy!

by Mae Scanlan

Since Trump’s into purging, perhaps he could toss
His top Educator, Ms. Betsy DeVos.
She’s lacking in substance, excelling in gloss,
The D of E demoiselle Betsy DeVos.
You’d think she’d go visit the schools facing loss,
But she hasn’t done so, not Betsy DeVos.
Instead she promotes giving lucrative sauce
To charter and private schools, Betsy DeVos.
To those in the field, how does she come across?
As lightweight and flippant, Ms. Betsy DeVos.
‘Round the agency’s neck she’s a true albatross,
Impeding its progress, Ms. Betsy DeVos.
She’s in for as long as it pleases her boss,
The pleasant, unqualified Betsy DeVos.
Another named Betsy, with surname of Ross,
Would shake her head sadly at Betsy DeVos.