Poems of the Week

Herd Immunity: a Manifesto

by Marilyn L. Taylor

Why won’t the virus hit on us?
Because we are invincible!
So let’s go out and yuk it up
on principle!

It’s time for making out again
without a stupid mask—
And as for “social distancing”?
Don’t even ask.

We’re under forty-one years old
which means we’re all immune
(or nearly), so let’s hit the beach
this afternoon!

Tonight, the bars and restaurants
will ooze with babes and nerds
all set to rock and roll again—
just mark my words.

And should we cough or sniff or sneeze
or smooch (hey, don‘t we wish?)
we’ll only be replenishing
the petri dish—

so come on in and party hard
with all your sozzled friends!
Indulge your immortality
(—until it ends)!