Poems of the Week

Highland Bull

by David Hedges

The Donald’s latest scandal trumps them all
(The Russian thing, the European slights)
In terms of sheer unmitigated gall.

He’s been caught pinching assets, dead to rights,
Branding, with a stolen coat of arms,
Everything from socks to golf course sites.

In Scotland, that’s a cinch to trip alarms
And tie some knickerbockers in a knot.
Officials say adulteration harms

The whole of heraldry, a topic fraught
With shalts and shalt nots of the strictest test.
The cause célèbre started when Trump bought

His Florida resort from one whose crest
Was part of the décor. He took it, chopped
“Integrity,” the motto, kept the rest.

His Scottish permit application flopped:
“Ye cannae break th’ rules!” The Donald chose
A new design. A pending suit was dropped.

His legal crest, a two-faced eagle, shows
The world his nature, mounted on a wall
At his resort in Scotland. So it goes.